Help lighten the scales

Published 9:13 pm Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Selma’s participation in Scale Back Alabama is an important thing for our city.

The contest may only last 10 weeks, but that is enough time to develop routines and learn more about health and nutrition.

It is the hope of the contest’s organizers that people will not only take advantage of the opportunity to win money, but that they continue those habits throughout their lives.

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Alabama has a culture of overeating, and that is no more evident than in the Black Belt.

Some people resist breaking generational patterns of cooking and eating because it is one of the strongest ways to connect them with family.

But not everything our parents hand down is good for us. We are watching a record number of people die from diseases related to obesity, and the best thing doctors know to tell us is take matters into our own hands.

Through proper diet and exercise, we can reduce or avoid medical problems that are a direct result of obesity.

But we have to start somewhere. This week is as good as any.

We can all think of at least one thing we do every day that we don’t necessarily have to.

Devoting that time to exercising and planning healthy meals is important to our community.