Package provides needed help

Published 9:44 pm Friday, January 9, 2009

Law enforcement officials need all the help they can get.

Because of several factors, not the least of them technology, criminals have more abundant and more unique ways to commit crimes.

Attorney General Troy King’s recent announcement of his legislative package to fight crime is a positive move to keep a step ahead of lawbreakers.

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We understand protecting victims, but some laws almost go out of the way to protect suspects.

For instance, if passed, hospitals would have to report gunshot and stab victims to law enforcement. Currently, only patients that give written consent to hospitals can be reported to authorities, unless under limited circumstances.

Cutting extra police work out of the process could mean a swift arrest, and another person’s life may be spared.

The Online Solicitation Bill makes clearer the guidelines about soliciting children online. The Internet is still one place criminals of all types know they have a lot of leeway, and this bill cuts out some of the slack.

The Bid Law Reform would require two things to be filed with the State Ethics Commission after municipalities make purchases from elected officials, employees or board member: a written finding that conditions of the law had been followed, and a copy of the contract. This protection of transparency in government is necessary in these current economic times as struggling families look for their elected officials to set examples in wise spending.