More city applicants to appear before committee

Published 10:57 pm Saturday, December 20, 2008

by leesha faulkner

the selma times-journal

A second round of interviews with the Selma City Council’s administrative committee begins 3 p.m. Monday.

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This time the committee will search for candidates to recommend to the full council for Selma city clerk.

Last week, the council chose to recommend to the city council for treasurer Bill Porter, a former Selma School Systems finance director; Cynthia Mitchell, the current city treasurer; and Spencer Scoon, an unemployed retail manager with a master’s in business administration.

The committee considered about 10 applications, but many of the candidates said they would not move into the city if selected for the job.

City ordinances require the city treasurer and city clerk live in Selma. The appointment, made by the city council, is for four years.

Councilwoman Dr. Monica Newton, who chairs he committee conducting the interviews, said she is uncertain how many people will participate in Monday’s session.

Members of the committee decided to ask the council secretary to call prospective candidates and ask them if they live in the city and would they be willing to move into the city if selected.

The telephone calls would prevent wasting the time of the applicant and causing the individual undue anxiety, Newton explained.

The committee will meet Tuesday to consider nominees for a vacant position on the Selma School Board.