Don’t decide now

Published 11:00 pm Saturday, December 20, 2008

The first interview process for Selma city treasurer’s appointment enlightened and surprised some members of the city council and those members of the public who bothered to attend.

First of all, there’s a limited labor pool that applied for the position. For a job that pays a little more than $50,000 a year, in these economic times, people with accounting skills should flock to submit an application for the appointment.

Secondly, some people just aren’t willing to move into the city to take a position that could last for only four years.

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This week the city council’s administrative committee, chaired by Councilwoman Dr. Monica Newton, will interview people for the city clerk’s appointment. It pays a little less than the city treasurer’s job and has the same requirement for the clerk to live within the city.

Because of the lack of the labor pool, it might be well worth the council’s consideration to combine the jobs and pay a middling salary. At least this would save the city the benefits and other expenses of a separate office. The finance and city clerk’s offices could merge as it’s done in other smaller — and some larger — cities in the Southeast.

Additionally, perhaps the council should back up and advertise for this position regionally. The job market is a buyer’s market right now. Someone — a perfect fit — might move to Selma and be exactly what the council would order.