Crime Stoppers needs your help

Published 11:09 pm Thursday, December 11, 2008

At the end of many crime stories in The Selma Times-Journal, readers will see numbers for Crime Stoppers.

They’re not put at the end of these stories to fill space, but to cut out and use.

Many times, law enforcement cannot solve crimes without the assistance of the public.

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By using Crime Stoppers, there’s an assurance of anonymity and a cash reward if someone is arrested or convicted. Crime Stoppers makes reporting crime easier.

When the Alabama Legislature meets again in February, it’s likely they’ll consider a bill that would tack $1 onto every traffic citation issued in Alabama local or state to go into a general fund that later would be divided through grant applications to the various Crime Stoppers organizations in the state.

It takes money to stop crime through Crime Stoppers.

Currently, donations are all the local organization has. This bill would provide more money for more payouts and to raise more public awareness.

Fighting crime is worth an extra $1 on a traffic ticket.