Be merry, but be also careful

Published 10:54 pm Saturday, November 29, 2008

People tend to attach a spiritual, even romantic association to the holiday season, and for good reason.

This is a time to reflect on the prosperity of the previous year, look forward to improvements for the next year and to partake in the religious observance of our choosing.

We get to enjoy this time of year because it affords us an opportunity to see loved ones we haven’t seen in a while or take the time off we feel we’ve needed.

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But we can’t close our eyes to negative things that also sweep in with the winter winds.

Case in point, Birmingham is taking a serious stance against mail theft, figuring people will prey on those who send holiday cash and other presents with naivete. Surely, this is not the only city that is aware of the problem and taking proactive measures to make sure valuable packages don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Some who don’t have the means to provide for their families may resort to crime to come up with Christmas presents. Others who have had a few too may drinks at holiday parties may endanger their lives and the lives of others on highways.

This is also a time when identity thieves can strike at the highest efficiency because of the volume of shopping.

This season is for love and reflection, but common sense should never take a back seat.

Recovering lost money, property or something more valuable takes valuable time away from the things we really want to spend this time of year doing.