Evans has done the right things

Published 9:48 pm Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mayor George Evans took a firm stand Tuesday night and not a minute too early by calling for an independent audit by the state.

Evans said he had contacted Ronald Jones, chief examiner of the state Examiners of Public Accounts to discuss a going-over of the city’s books.

Evans said this accounting is needed for a good baseline.

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We agree. The Times-Journal had called on Evans to make this move shortly after he was elected to office.

Evans took the next step and attempted to void the contract with the current auditors out of Birmingham forged by the previous mayor, James Perkins Jr. Evans said the auditors would not relinquish the contract.

Evans stand on this issue shows the mayor is serious about change and accountability. His credibility will not be called into question as more becomes unveiled about the inner workings of the city’s finances. After all, city council members weren’t allowed to discuss issues with department heads in the previous administration without approval from the mayor.

Incidentally, Evans took another step toward open government by telling the council Tuesday night they are welcomed to discuss issues with city department heads. He requested any work or requests for work come through his office to prevent confusion.

This is a reasonable way to handle government business.