A pleasant change

Published 3:18 pm Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tuesday night should have shown those in attendance at City Hall and those listening by radio this Selma City Council came in ready to work.

They had their tasks cut out for them with a variety of housekeeping chores, some of which were delayed until next week when Council President Geraldine Allen may (hopefully) join them.

However the tenor of the meeting seemed cordial, even when council members disagreed with one another, Nobody attempted to grandstand. Everyone said his or her piece in a respectful, sometimes firm manner, They all agreed to disagree when issues rose on which the council members parted ways.

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If this first full meeting is indicative of the way the council will conduct itself publicly in the future, some work will get done in the future. This is a good sign.

We’re not pessimistic enough to say that time will wear on these eight individuals, Instead, we’re optimistic that these men and women may prove the kind of leadership needed by Selma right now.

A calm, thoughtful approach to city issues is far more appreciated by the electorate than talking over one another and taking verbal pot shots.

We are not naive enough to believe the meetings will always run this smoothly. Passions will rise and tempers will flare. However, the majority of the council will maintain a calm presence. This much is evident from the first meeting.

It’s a pleasant change.