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Write-in campaign ineffective

A threatened write-in campaign for local candidates on Tuesday’s ballot didn’t make any difference in the totals.

All the local candidates for county commissioner, tax collector, tax assessor and constables, who were listed on the ballot, took their elections. Most of them did not come to the courthouse.

By late evening, several of the candidates called into Probate Judge Kim Ballard’s office to check on the totals. “You won,” the person answering the telephone would say.

The write-in campaigns became well known late last week. Clifford Hunter, the incumbent District 4 county commissioner, had acknowledged he had told his supporters he appreciated their ideas.

Hunter couldn’t be reached for comment after Tuesday’s results.

Those results did not list any of the write-in names, only listing the other votes as write-ins.

The totals included:

Dallas County Commission, District 1: Connel Towns Sr., 4,380 or 99.36 percent; Write-in 28 or .64 percent.

Dallas County Commission, District 2: Roy Moore, 4,660 or 98.98 percent; Write-in, 48 or 1.02 percent.

Dallas County Commission, District 3; Curtis Williams, 4, 179 or 98.68 percent; Write-in, 56 or 1.32 percent.

Dallas County Commission, District 4, Larry Nickles, 4,436 or 89.49 percent; Write-in, 521 or 10.51 percent.

Dallas County Tax Collector: Tammy Jones King, 18,398 or 99.49 percent; Write-in, 94 or .51 percent.

Dallas County Tax Assessor: Frances S. Hughes, 18,186 or 99.44 percent; Write-in, 103 or .56 percent.

Dallas County Board of Education member, District 5: Peggy Williamson, 2,125 or 95.33 percent; Write-in, 104 or 4.67 percent.

Constable, District 1: Lee A. Green Jr., 485 or 99.39 percent; Write-in, 3, or .61 percent

Constable, District 2: Ezekiel Pettway, 1,110 or 98.06 percent; Write-in, 22 or 1.94 percent.

Constable, District 3: H.C. Atchison, 294 or 92.16 percent; Write-in, 25 or 7.84 percent

Constable District 3, Precinct D52S: Kobi Little, 785 or 98.25 percent; Write-in, 14 or 1.75 percent.