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City Council: Please give citizens a break

The last meeting of the current Selma City Council comes around on Tuesday. The regular Monday meeting has moved over one day because council members — new and old — are expected at a League of Cities meeting in Montgomery.

A rational being would expect the final meeting of this particular council to consist of perfunctory actions to keep the city running officially until the new council takes office after Nov. 1.

Rest assured, this will not happen.

If Thursday’s breakdown of a work session provides any indication, council members will stretch their necks to whisper sweet final nothings into the ears of the listening public and to those who attend this particular meeting.

It’s guaranteed at least two sharp battles will emerge. One will surface over an appointment to the Selma Water and Sewer Board and the other over the re-naming of Jeff Davis Avenue.

On Thursday, Council President George Evans acted correctly and decisively when he asked for a motion for adjournment and gaveled the meeting to a close after it deteriorated into a struggle by many people to speak over others.

Evans shouldn’t hesitate to take control again and take similar action should posturing and grandstanding become the order of the day.

After all, some council members have volunteered their discernable funds to pay for those who cannot attend meetings to hear it on the radio.

The listening public shouldn’t be subjected to a silly series of comments by extreme narcissists, who really don’t care about the public, voters or the benefit of the city.

Our advice to this outgoing council for its last meeting is similar to what our parents and grandparents advised us as children, “Be seen and not heard.”