Bruce Craig Elementary’s butterfly to soar again

Published 7:02 pm Thursday, October 16, 2008

The children of Bruce Craig Elementary School will get their butterfly back, thanks to Robert Gordon of Gordon Antiques.

Gordon said he was so touched by the story of the children’s sorrow, he decided to do something about the butterfly.

Said Edie Jones, a member of the Dallas County Arts Alliance, Gordon called the police department and requested permission to work on it. The police agreed.

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Gordon met Steve Grossman, president of the Alliance, at the police station and picked up the butterfly.

“It’s all over my porch right now,” Gordon said late Thursday afternoon.

Detectives from the Selma Police Department arrested two suspects in the theft of one of two missing butterflies Wednesday.

Authorities arrested Jennifer Nicole Moore, 20, and Porsha Nix, 20, and charged them with theft of property second-degree felony in connection with the missing butterfly painted by students at Bruce Craig Elementary.

On Thursday, Gordon said the girls broke one of the wings from the structure. He said he’ll have to order some new plywood to repair the broken wing.

Gordon said he plans to chisel out the remainder of the wood from the body and replace the broken wing. He could not repair the original wing because it was broken too badly.

“God knows, those girls broke it,” Gordon said. “This thing is tough.”

Gordon said he’ll get a rod to put in the center, then take it back to the school.

“A new wing, the bolt; it’ll be fine,” he said.

Another butterfly was taken from in front of the law office of Alston Keith on Alabama Avenue about the same time. Police Chief William T. Riley III said officers have yet to recover that butterfly or make any arrests.

The butterfly sculptures were part of an Alliance project designed to celebrate the arts and bring unity to Selma.