Please return the butterflies

Published 9:23 pm Monday, October 13, 2008

Someone or some people have lifted two butterflies from in front of an attorney’s office and the Dallas County Schools Central Office.

These 5-foot tall butterflies were part of a project designed by the Dallas County Arts Alliance to celebrate the arts and bring unity to the area.

But some time late Friday night or early Saturday morning, two of the butterflies were taken from their spots.

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What a damper on such community spirit!

Not enough raw materials existed in the butterflies to make stealing them for the wood and metal worth the worry of getting caught.

Similarly, if someone wanted to sell the wooden creatures, they’d have to go at least 100 miles away and the cost of gasoline alone would seem prohibitive for that kind of prank.

This is more than artwork or material or even a joke. This action is cruel and speaks volumes about what kinds of people live in our area.

Take, for example, the butterfly in front of the school system central office. School children painted those wings. They joined together at Bruce Craig Elementary and talked about the butterflies and painted them. The children were excited and had their parents drive them by their artwork Thursday and Friday to see it on display.

And the butterfly in front of Alston Keith’s law office was a gift from his wife — something special.

Why would someone want to rob people of special feelings for a prank?

Several people we’ve come in contact with since the butterflies were taken have shrugged their shoulders and said, “This is Selma.”

We believe Selma is better than this.

And to those who might know where the butterflies have landed: Please return them.