City leaders addressed in a letter

Published 1:16 am Sunday, October 12, 2008

Attorneys Rose and Hank Sanders of Selma have written a letter to local authorities and officials asking about investigations of crimes in which they are victims.

In a letter dated Oct. 10, the couple urged Selma Police Chief William Riley III, Mayor James Perkins Jr., District Attorney Michael Jackson and Mayor-elect George Evans to investigate why their complaints haven’t been addressed.

Neither of the Sanders nor the letter are on the Selma City Council’s agenda for Tuesday afternoon’s meeting. None of the officials could be reached for comment about the letter.

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In the letter, the Sanders pointed out that in the last two weeks items were stolen from their van and a citizen ran down a suspect and informed the police.

Rose Sanders said, “I have written letters on these matters to no avail. Frankly, I feel helpless and unprotected. We have had 30 burglaries in the last three years. Some I didn’t even report.”

In the letter, the couple said they realize the police department is under staffed, but they don’t understand if they give names of suspects why someone isn’t arrested.

“I’m sending this memo to every official, who may have some authority to address this matter,” Rose Sanders wrote. “If Sen. Sanders and I are experiencing these difficulties, I’m sure other citizens share our concern.”

Recently, Riley said the police department has hired more individuals to enforce ordinances.

City council members have discussed concerns with Riley over enforcing the noise ordinance and other police issues and seemed satisfied that the department is working as hard as it can.

Recently, Evans asked citizens to be patient. “I believe this will be cleared up. I’m asking people not to take it personal when it doesn’t go like you want it to go.”

Just last week, authorities arrested three teenagers as suspects in 30-40 cases of breaking and entering vehicles in Selma and Dallas County.

Deputies in Dallas County arrested David Lassiter, 18, and two other male juveniles and charged them with eight counts of breaking and entering a vehicle.

The arrests came on the heels of reports of numerous cars being broken into last week on St. Andrews Drive in Valley Grande.