Time for new Selma City Council to get to work

Published 2:23 am Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The election for Selma City Council is over. The council has a new president in Geraldine Allen and a new member for Ward 4 in Angela Benjamin — the final two elected in Tuesday’s run-off election.

These two women will join the remainder of the council elected Aug. 26: Cecil Williamson, Ward 1; Susan Keith, Ward 2; Dr. Monica Newton, Ward 3; Sam Randolph, Ward 5; Corey Bowie, Ward 6 and Bennie Ruth Crenshaw, Ward 7.

George Evans was elected mayor in the August election.

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These people will have to have some pretty broad shoulders to carry the weight of Selma’s needs. Indeed, these people will have to think creatively and collaborate to withstand matters beyond their control, such as rocky economy and city infrastructure in desperate need of repair.

But they aren’t alone.

It is the responsibility of each citizen in this city to help their representatives in government by working with them, taking a part in government through community action and by agreeing to disagree with some decisions in a constructive way.

This is the only way Selma will grow and progress.

Selma has an international reputation of leading the way on social issues, such as voting rights. With these hard-working men and women at the city’s helm, there’s no reason why Selma would have issues garnering a reputation for creative thinking and action to move this city forward.