Get out and vote on Tuesday

Published 12:39 am Sunday, October 5, 2008

The majority of Selma City Council members and a new mayor have been elected. The people of Selma went to the polls and voted them in Aug. 26.

A good bit of time has passed since then, and other matters, such as the presidential election in November has taken our attention.

But on Tuesday, voters citywide should remember to continue their duty by going to the polls to vote for the candidate of their choice in the run-off election for city council president. There are two candidates in that race: Geraldine Allen, who represents Ward 4; and Gene Hisel, a businessman of Selma.

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Voters in Ward 4 will see another race on their ballot — a run-off election between candidates Angela Benjamin and Kelvin Williams.

It’s important that voters of Selma give these races as much attention as they did those in August. After all, these individuals will represent the interest of all in various areas so important to the quality of life here in Selma: public safety, recreation, public works and even economic development.

Too many times, voters seem to forget about these run-off elections and opt to stay home, saying that it’s just a run-off and does not matter.

Don’t be fooled into becoming apathetic on election day.

Sure, getting to the polls and sometimes standing is line is worrisome, especially if you don’t live in Ward 4 and only one race appears on the ballot. But this is a democracy, and this is the strongest you speak individually — through the ballot.

Get up. Get out. And vote