Police arrest suspect in purse theft case

Published 6:38 pm Thursday, October 2, 2008

Selma police say they have a suspect in custody charged with theft of property resulting from three incidents of stolen purses in three different churches.

Lt. David Evans, spokesman for the Selma Police Department, said officers arrested Christopher Brown, 19, of Selma on Wednesday and charged him with two counts of theft of property in the second degree and one count of theft of property in the third degree.

The Dallas County Jail docket lists Brown’s address as 1807 Doherty Ave., Selma. The docket lists his bond as $31,500. He remains in jail.

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At least three incidences by members of three different churches were reported to police recently of purses stolen on Sunday mornings during the last three weeks. The suspect’s description is the same in all three cases, Evans said.

Brown became a suspect when police officers and detectives discovered he was the only person new at all three of the churches when the purses went missing, Evans said.

In spite of the arrests, the police spokesman said people should continue to guard their personal possessions, even while they are in church. Women should not leave their purses unattended and out of their sight, unless the purses are locked away securely.