Community policing is working

Published 5:21 pm Friday, September 26, 2008

From the in-case-you-haven’t-noticed-lately department, the Selma Police Department has become more visible.

Drive around and take a look. You’ll see patrol cars moving throughout town.

“We’re getting there,” Police Chief William T. Riley III said recently.

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The Selma Times-Journal publishes police incident reports and arrests in its print editions and online each day to inform its readers of how public safety works in the city and county.

Each month, readers also see a roundup in the newspaper and online from the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department that shows how county law enforcement has responded to the public safety needs of residents.

But in the city, it wasn’t so long ago that people worried about the quality of police protection. Not so much anymore.

Just this week, Selma police officers made seven arrests for two separate burglaries within hours of the events. They were assisted by eagle-eyed residents in one case of an air conditioner and copper tubing taken from a vacant mobile home in the city.

On Friday, officers responded to a shooting and captured a suspect minutes after, based on witnesses’ reports and identifications.

It takes everyone working together to provide for the safety of every one. Riley knows about community policing. He has put this policy to work in his department.

And, it’s beginning to show.


In Friday’s editorial we should have noted that National Scholarship Achievement Program semifinalist Chelsie Martinear is a Selma Early College Program student