Youth league football roundup

Published 8:12 pm Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Raiders vs. Broncos

The Raiders beat the Broncos 46-14. Gavonte Sanders and Ladarius Woods each scored two touchdowns for the Raiders. Woods also scored on four 2-point conversions. Jimmie Powell scored a touchdown, and Marquavious Benjamin added a 2-point conversion for the Raiders.

Anthony Woods scored both touchdowns for the Broncos.

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Junior Cowboys vs. Junior Dolphins

Jr. Cowboys won 6-0. Aveon Summers scored on a 35-yard touchdown

49ers vs. Jets

The 49ers beat the Jets 12-6. Jesse Boggs scored both touchdowns for the 49ers. Jmiere Solomon scored on a 35-yard touchdown.

Falcons vs. Vikings

The Falcons nipped the Vikings 20-18. Bobby Thomas scored two touchdowns for the Falcons, and Achilles Rutledge added another. Damon Watts scored a 2-point conversion.

Jalen Furlow scored two touchdowns for the Vikings, and Ladarius White added the other score.

Dolphins vs. Bears

The Dolphins beat the Bears 6-0. Tevin Sharpe scored on an 88-yard run for the game’s only score.

Junior Dolphins vs. Junior Bears

The Jr. Dolphins beat the Jr. Bears 22-8. JaReione Melton scored two touchdowns for the Jr. Dolphins and Amarion Molette added another plus a 2-point conversion.

Octavius Palmer scored the Junior Bears’ touchdown and 2-point conversion.

Dolphins vs. Cowboys

The Dolphins beat the Cowboys 20-14. Tevin Sharpe scored two touchdowns, and Stacy Russell added another. Adrian Edmondson scored on a 2-point conversion.

Brandon Oliver and Jeremy Perkins scored touchdowns for the Cowboys.