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Alliance, we’re glad to have you

Tuesday became a big day in Selma and Dallas County history.

The combined efforts of some forward-thinking and hard-working individuals came to fruition as Wayne Vardaman, executive director of The Selma and Dallas County Economic Development Authority, announced landing Alliance Composites Alabama LLC at Craig Industrial Park before a ballroom at the St. James Hotel packed with Selma and Dallas County residents and more, who watched a live broadcast of the announcement from selmatimesjournal.com.

The area’s newest industry will process recycled plastics and make panels for composite containers. These containers are lighter and more durable than old metal shipping containers. They allow for transportation of more goods legally than the old metal containers because the composites are lighter — about 30 percent so.

That’s good in the larger scope — taking our garbage and turning it into functional, practical material.

What’s even better, however, are the three phases over two years that will see the parent company, Alliance Technology Group Inc. invest about $25 million into the area and develop 175 jobs.

We applaud the efforts of the EDA, the Craig Field Airport Authority, the Dallas County Commission, Selma City and the state for bringing these jobs and this infusion of capital into our community.

We also thank company CEO Jim Solano for choosing the former Louisiana Pacific building and the adjacent 50,000 square feet of space owned by the authority.

Alliance, welcome to your new home.