Man says thieves jumped him

Published 5:29 pm Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Dallas County man sought medical attention after claiming five men jumped him Tuesday morning in Selmont.

Steve Burcham, an electrician who lives on Old Montgomery Highway, went to the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System West Campus hospital in Montgomery to seek medical help for bruises and abrasions suffered after he went to Johnson Street to check on some property.

Burcham owns several houses in Selmont he has up for sale, said his mother, Wilma Burcham. “He caught people stealing motors he had stored in the shed. They jumped over the fence and loaded up a truck.”

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Burcham said he had reported the thefts to Selma police officers. In addition, the electrician claimed thieves had taken 150 pounds of copper wire from a trailer he owns.

On Tuesday, Burcham said he had ridden his bicycle to the Johnson Street location to check on his property.

“I rode my bicycle, and there was ta group of these thugs — 10 of them to eight of them. They were blocking the road as I was trying to get through,” Burcham said. “They started hitting on me. Four of them chased me down, and they were hitting on me as I was trying to get away on the bicycle. Then, they pulled me off the bicycle, wrecking into the yard and started beating on me and kicking me when I was down.”

Burcham said police officers showed up and called a detective. They warned him to leave the thieves alone, the victim said.

Lt. David Evans, a spokesman for the Selma Police Department, could not be reached for comment.