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Evans’ tone encourages working together

Mayor-elect George Evans made some excellent points in a speech given to the Selma Rotary Club on Monday about what’s in store for Selma city government.

He said he would not rush in and throw city government in upheaval by changing everything at once. Instead, Evans said, he’ll take nine months to a year to study and make gradual changes in city government, including jobs and people who hold those jobs.

Evans prefers using the Golden Rule to make his decisions about the structure and stage of city government from which he and the Selma City Council will work. “I believe you treat people like you want to be treated,” he said.

That’s a good start.

Moving too quickly makes for hasty judgments. Evans has promised the public will see some changes and re-organization.

He also said he’ll call for an outside audit. He has always said he would do that, if elected.

We appreciate the tone of Evans’ speech at the Rotary Club. It lends itself to creating an attitude of working together.

Now, it is time for members of the city council to roll up their sleeves and dedicate their efforts to helping the mayor create a city where people want to come live, establish businesses and do business.

The only way Selma succeeds is if we all work together.