Regions donates $150,000 to support Center for the Study of the Black Belt at UWA

Published 9:31 am Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The University of West Alabama recently accepted a gift of $150,000 from Regions Bank to “The University We Will Be” campaign for UWA. The contribution will support UWA’s Center for the Study of the Black Belt, which fosters greater appreciation and understanding of Alabama’s Black Belt and its regional culture.

“This institution has had a partnership with Regions for many years, and we appreciate their support of ‘The University We Will Be’ campaign,” said President Richard D. Holland. “Currently, we have raised more than $5 million in gifts and pledges, and we look forward to the continued success of the University and our fund-raising initiative.”

Regions Bank West Alabama Area President Edward S. McCurdy Jr., says he was delighted to be able to offer this contribution on behalf of Regions.

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“Through our giving, we hope to continue to show our support for not only education, but for the communities we serve,” McCurdy said. “Both Regions Bank and The University of West Alabama are strong pillars in this area, and we are proud to support UWA. We hope these funds will be used to further the mission of the Center for the Study of the Black Belt.”

Established in 2005, the Center encourages both scholars and the region’s residents to think about the Black Belt and to rethink the ideas they have already formed about this region. UWA believes the Black Belt, with its rich history, economic difficulties and traditional culture, provides endless opportunities for scholars, musicians, artists, government officials and others to come together to find solutions to its challenges and to celebrate its success stories.

The Center for the Study of the Black Belt coordinates a variety of initiatives that promote public involvement in the region. These projects include the Sucarnochee Folklife Festival and BBQ & Blues Cook-off, Black Belt Symposia, the Black Belt Museum, the Black Belt Garden, the Sucarnochee Revue, the Sucarnochee Hall of Fame, the Community Gathering for Arts and Creative Education, the Black Belt Conservation Research Institute and publications through the Livingston Press.