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GOP shows its kinder, gentler side

In what seems as a run of bad luck for Republicans, the GOP National Convention has taken a back seat to Mother Nature.

Now, the planned convention has turned into more of a drive to help those affected as Hurricane Gustav rumbles inland in Louisiana and Texas.

The Alabama Republican Party noted that some of this state’s delegates did not go to St. Paul, Minn., opting to stay here and help with relief efforts, if necessary. Among those deciding to stay home and help — Sen. Jeff Sessions.

While the convention carries on and John McCain is expected to address the convention at Thursday night’s finale, it is indicative of the rolling-up-the-sleeves kind of attitude taken that the presumptive presidential nominee spent his day Monday at a disaster relief center in Waterville, Ohio, helping pack cleaning supplies and other items into plastic buckets that will go to the Gulf Coast after the storm has passed.

Meanwhile, McCain’s wife, Cindy, and first lady Laura Bush made appeals and talked about what delegates at the convention can do to help specific states.

Instead of the big opening rah-rah party Monday night, the two women gave an update on relief efforts.

It is good to know the Republicans have avoided the normal partying and banner waving speeches that go on with these conventions, and they have turned toward assistance of those who have suffered losses on the coast.

It’s a far cry from three years ago, and the Bush administration’s ineptitude in Louisiana before, during and after Hurricane Katrina.