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Louis Dixon’s bond at $25,000

Former Selma mayoral candidate Louis Dixon returned to jail shortly after a court hearing Thursday afternoon.

District Judge Bob Armstrong reduced Dixon’s bond from $500,000 to $25,000 after the hearing.

“Your behavior, Mr. Dixon, as my daddy used to say, ‘it was trouble looking for a place to happen,” the judge said.

Dixon, 57, faces charges of possessing a weapon without a license and child endangerment, stemming from an incident Tuesday night on Broad Street outside the headquarters of a rival candidate for mayor.

Initially, Dixon had a bond of $2,000 cash only. However, the district attorney’s office raised the bond to $500,000 — a price way out of line, according to Dixon’s attorney, Billy Faile.

Officers said they recovered several weapons after pulling over a maroon van driven by Dixon on Tuesday after the polls closed for the municipal election.

Witnesses said Dixon, Felicia Owens Dixon, Claude Hester, William Hopkins and a 5-year-old child were in the van that pulled in front of the campaign headquarters of incumbent Mayor James Perkins Jr.

Words apparently were exchanged. At least one person reported to police that shots were fired.

However, police officers responding to the scene never had any evidence of gunfire. The Dixons denied firing any shots. At least two witnesses said no shots were fired.

Several minutes after responding to the disturbance call, officers pulled over the maroon van at Selma and Washington avenues.

Officers found a loaded handgun within arms reach of Louis Dixon and another loaded handgun under a cushion on a trailer. Officers also recovered an unloaded assault rifle and unloaded 12-gauge shotgun from the van.

Both Louis and Felicia Dixon had expired permits to carry weapons, according to testimony at the hearing.

The Dixons also face burglary charges in Dallas County. Felicia Owens Dixon’s bond was revoked on that charge, and she went to jail after the hearing.

Additionally, in Montgomery, the Dixons face another criminal charge. Authorities there have accused the couple of asking a police officer posing as a prostitute to come to Selma with them.

The Dixons have said they are innocent of all charges.