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It’s time to make an assessment

It’s time to assess where we are.

We are a people, together although we are different colors, come from different socio-economic backgrounds and have various intellectual capabilities.

Our strengths and weaknesses complement one another.

We are, despite what we think in rash moments, one people. We are similar to a hand with five fingers and a thumb that work independently, but depend on one another to achieve the ultimate.

And what is our ultimate?

We all want to live relatively prosperously and in peace with our neighbors in our city.

We all want good health and access to adequate healthcare in times of sickness.

We all seek safety and depend on our deputies, police officers and firefighters to provide those services for us.

We have the opportunity to achieve these things. Now, at the beginning of another administration, it’s time to make an assessment of where we are before taking action steps to where we need to go.

Let’s work together.