Jean Martin wants to join city together as one community

Published 11:16 pm Monday, August 18, 2008

Jean Martin has served the city as a member of the Selma City Council since 1993.

She wants to continue that service, but as president of the city council instead of representative from her Ward 3. Martin met recently with The Selma Times-Journal Editorial Board.

Martin is known for her writing and photography in the Life & Styles section of the newspaper. She also operates The Old Depot Museum in addition to her duties as a city council member.

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A Selma native, Martin was graduated from Alabama Women’s College, now known as the University of Montevallo. She married in 1944 a soldier from Wisconsin, who was stationed at Craig Air Force Base. She lived in many places over the world, including Japan, where she worked with the American Red Cross.

Martin sees Selma’s people as the city’s greatest strength. “We have the most interesting conglomerate of people,” she said.

She adds to the people, the city’s history as a great asset, noting that it is the second oldest in the state.

At the same time, those people — the source of Selma’s strength — do not recognize they should join as one community — the city’s greatest weakness, Martin said.

“They complain about everything that happens. They are quick to judge. And this happens on both sides of the coin,” she said.

Martin says she is best qualified for the position of president of the council. She will restore dignity and decorum to city council meetings.

On other issues, Martin:

Supports the riverfront development initiative and wants to see it completed soon. The development would see walking trails and boat landings along the Alabama River at Water Avenue.

Wants to work closely with and in cooperation with the Dallas County Commission to benefit all people through stronger economic development action. She sees tourism as a key to development.

Sees public safety is improving under the direction of Chief William Riley III in the Selma Police Department.