Elected officials count on voters’ short memories

Published 11:21 pm Monday, August 18, 2008

Officials are dependent on citizen’s short term memory during election years. Here are just a few proven things to consider that have occurred the past four years:

In 2004 the Mayor made note that the previous council would not support his objectives.

The citizens of Selma in 2004 proved their desire to work with the current administration by electing council members to support the administrations objectives and agenda.

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The City Council showed their intentions of support by voting to give the Mayor, at his request, appointment powers over all the cities department heads.

The Mayor and his council immediately had the opportunity to correct the Water Board pay issues in October 2004, but chose not to act. Instead, two Mayor council members not only were placed on the Water Board, but became President and Treasurer with additional pay.

In October 2004 redirected money allocated for Recreation Park in Ward 8 for sidewalks. New sidewalks have not been paved in Ward 8 from this money.

Good Samaritan hospital was a facility the City acquired to solve indigent care concerns in our community in 2004. It was going to make money for the City. Today, Good Samaritan has nothing to do with health care that was not already present. The Good Samaritan is losing money for the City.

Fought the E-911 tower placement and lost.

Sought to pass resolutions to keep information from the public and to keep council members from asking questions.

The Library’s funds were cut in 2005.

Economic Development funds were cut in 2005

Voted not to help the Jubilee

Would not support the development of the new YMCA.

Increased garbage fees and cut services to save money for the city.

Increased Water rates drastically.

Said the Selma Police Department was in fine shape and that Selma does not have a crime problem. Public Safety Consultants, Inc. study in 2007 revealed the opposite.

Supported the re-engineering strategies that were to save the City $1.5 million per year. That savings has never been realized. Audit reports show the City actual expenditures in the Mayor/Council’s first budget year in 2005 at $16.7 million. In 2007 actual expenditures in the Mayor/Council’s third budget year increased to $18 million.

Expenditures have increased on the administrative side of government at the expense of reduced services to the citizens of Selma. Past proven history is indicative of future performance. Current elected officials have proven to take services from the citizens of Selma under the guise to save money for the City. Based on past performance should other candidates be considered to replace current elected City officials?

Reid Cain, Ward 2