Another request comes to Valley Grande

Published 12:38 am Sunday, August 17, 2008

VALLEY GRANDE — For the second time in as many weeks, a Valley Grande citizen is requesting public information from the city.

In a request dated Friday, Aug. 15, Jane Edwards asked for a report of the city’s annual revenue and expenses by category.

Edwards is running for Place 5 on the Valley Grande City Council, opposing incumbent Patsy Moore.

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Edwards could not be reached by telephone for comment.

The city’s top official questioned the timing of the last two requests.

“I honestly don’t know what they’re looking for. All our financial reports are public,” Valley Grande Mayor Tom Lee said.

On Friday, Aug. 1, Jackie Peake requested a response to eight items, most of them regarding the city’s finances.

Peake said she made her request because as a concerned resident, she wanted to know how the city spends its money.

Lee responded to Peake’s request publicly at the city council meeting the following Monday. The city also issued a written response dated Aug. 8.

Lee did not specify a timeline to respond to Edwards’ request, but noted that it would likely take longer. The vagueness of the request would make giving an adequate answer more difficult.

“When you’re talking about all accounts payable and receivable for an entire year, that’s fairly cumbersome to do on an individual basis,” he said.

The city’s financial report is given during one of the city council’s bi-weekly meetings each month. According to Lee, any questions about the city’s finances should be answered during those reports.

Edwards owns The Store, a convenience store in Valley Grande. She is also on the agenda for Monday’s meeting to request approval of a name change to her liquor license.