Prepare children to take over

Published 12:30 am Saturday, August 16, 2008

The issue: Well-being of our children is key

Our position: We must think progressively and creatively to secure Selma’s future.

People here commonly refer to the importance of educating our children as a way to make the city better.

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Whether it is heartfelt motivation or words to pull at the heartstrings of those listening with desperate ears, our youth seem to be a common topic.

Undoubtedly, there is no value that can be put on encouraging our young ones how to do things better, educate themselves more and make an overall bolder pursuit for their own happiness.

But the egg did not come before the chicken. Our children will continue to grow up faster, as we are so prone to say. But they are still children.

They need guidance through a time that becomes increasingly confusing for several different reasons.

In short, don’t talk about it. Be about it.

And be serious about it.

Going through the motions of a daily education is barely adequate anymore. We have to teach young people the importance of the arts, different cultures and awareness of themselves.

The latter is especially important, since so many influences creep into their daily lives.

It’s an issue among candidates running for office. Yes, we hear people talking about the needs of children during every single election. And really, are they saying anything?

Are they telling you that they would like to find a better way to fund programs like tutoring or music?

Do they support seat belts on school buses and resource officers in schools?

Have they been inside the schools, or do their children attend those schools that need major repairs, more teachers and up-to-date textbooks?

These are questions that won’t be answered unless we ask them, and not just ask. Make it clear we want definite answers that can be followed with concrete and fair solutions.

It won’t be too long before we have let go of the wheel and let the next generation drive.

If we’re still obligated to go along for the ride, our lives and confidence rests in how well we have taught our successors.

There are several groups or individuals that do their part in a public forum and several more than do not want recognition.

But success is not created with events.

It is cultivated and reinforced every day when someone in a child’s life shows that there are people who care.