Voters received an education at forum

Published 11:12 pm Thursday, August 14, 2008

Several people are to be applauded for the way the political forum at the Striplin Performing Arts Center went Thursday night.

First, the candidates themselves deserve praise for presenting their platforms professionally, courteously and as thoroughly as possible.

It was evident they came prepared and, for the most part, ready to answer questions about the tough issues concerning our city.

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The organizers are to be patted on the back for setting a smooth, professional arena in which candidates and voters could become familiar with one another.

Finally, the people in attendance deserve a great deal of praise.

It’s hard to be disappointed with the amount of citizens that showed up to see the future leaders of their city. They were enthusiastic, respectful and seemed genuinely interested in what the candidates had to say.

But let’s not forget this is a process. The Aug. 26 municipal elections are not that far away in terms of days.

But any candidate that feels comfortable is sitting on an unopened barrel of disappoint.

Voters may have a better knowledge of the people they’ll be voting for, but they have shown they will not be easily swayed.

Many people have known who they will support for months and will not be moved, no matter what.

Even some on the fence will need a fair amount of convincing.

This forum was one more way, one more chance for people to put a face and voice with the words they have been hearing or reading.

But political races are marathons, and runners feel the greatest burn as they get closer to the finish line.

There is still a lot of careful thinking that needs to be done on the part of each voter, and they should their decisions on what they have seen in the course of several months — not just one night.

Everyone from the moderator to the person in the furthest reach of the audience did their part to make sure Thursday’s forum was a success.

But the results are told in the ballot boxes.