Selma council candidates list donations

Published 12:44 am Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Most candidates for Selma City Council have filed a statement of contributions in the Dallas County probate judge’s office.

The following are ward-by-ward breakdowns of those documents:

Ward 1

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Cecil Williamson: not reached threshhold required by law ($1,000)

Carver Boynton: $500 itemized cash contributions, $706.16 in-kind contributions; $210 expenditures; ending balance $790. Contributors: Amelia Robinson, 1912 Franklin Road, Tuskegee, $500; Carver Boynton, 306 Drayton Drive, Selma, $396.16 and $310

Ward 2

Susan Keith: Cash contributions: Alston Keith, 20 Berkeley Road, Selma, $800; Melanie Yelder, Little Rock, Ark. $1,000; Charles Hooper, 1804 Old Orrville Road, Selma, $100; Harry Hooper, Hyde Park Way, Tallahassee, Fla., $200; Total: $2,000; expenditures: $35;total cash on hand $1,965

Johnny E. Moss III: nothing reported

Anthony Jerome Smith: nothing reported

Ward 3

Felicia Owens “Dixon”: no financial statement filed

Juanita Barlow Lister: has not reached threshold

Minnie Jones McMillan: reported zero contributions

Monica Newton: Citizens for Monica Newton: Cash contributions: W. Todd Sherrer, 104 Old Marion Jct. Road, Selma, $100; Park Chittom II, 194 Deer Ridge Drive, Selma, $100; Selma Medical Associates, 901 Medical Center Parkway, Selma, $500; Kent Taylor, 905 Medical Center Parkway, Selma, $150; In-Kind contributions: Nancy Smith, 509 Tremont, Selma, $150; total cash: $850; total in-kind: $150; expenditures: $1,539.62; ending balance: $689.62

Aubrey Vick: not reached threshold

Ward 4

Angela Benjamin: Cash contributions: Kobi Little, P.O. Box 1082, Selma, $250; receipts from other sources: Angela Benjamin, 1200 Woodrow Ave — 8H, Selma, $250; total cash: $250;non-itemized cash contributions: $816; total receipts from other sources: $250;total expenditures: $1,211.04; ending balance: $104.96

Carolyn Calhoun-Bates: no contributions or expenditures

Willie Chappell: no contributions; $660.76 expenses

Carrie D. Pressley: no contributions or expenditures

Kelvin Williams: $400 contributions cash: Faith Christian Ministries, 1128 1st Ave., Selma, $100; Councilman Johnnie Leashore, 1714 Vine St., Selma, $25; Sidney Fits, 819 W. 117th St., Los Angeles, Calif., $100; Hildoguard Wilson, 422 10th Ave., Selma, $50; Debra Roller, 26 Grove Lane, Selma, $100; Devin Jemisen, 326 Woodrow Lane, Selma, $25,$566 expenditures; ending balance: $166

Ward 5

Kimesha “Sunshine” Alvarado: Cash contributions: $700; Lillie M. Jones, 5304 Snyder Ave., Brooklyn, NY, $300; Paul Houston, 416 E. 137th St., Bronx, NY, $300; Josephine Childers, 2008 Elkdale St., Selma, $50; Dr. Margaret Hardy, PO Box 738, Selma, $50; in-kind contributions $600: Kimesha Alvarado, 2105 Lauderdale St., Selma, $200, $300 and $100; expenditures: $473; ending balance: $227

Samuel L. Randolph: Cash contributions: $2,000; Charles Hise, no address given, $2,000: expenditures: $1,700; ending balance: $300

Ward 6:

Benny Lee Tucker: Cash contributions: $450; Walter Mcquimon, 2519 Parkway Dr., Selma, $150;Great American Loan, 413 Highland Ave., Selma, $100;Great American Loan, 413 Highland Ave., Selma, $100; William D. Hammack, P.O. Box 284, Selma, $100; expenditures: $650

Johnnie Leashore: no contributions filing

Ward 7

Frances Coles: not reached the threshold

Bennie Ruth Crenshaw: No contributions and expenditures reported

Lola Sewell: not reached the threshold

Ward 8

Corey Bowie: not reached the threshold

Jannie Venter: no contributions and expenditures reported