Cemeteries mean life to Dulaney

Published 1:33 am Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Most people don’t think of life when they look at a graveyard.

Millie Lee Dulaney sees living history. She has made it her mission to bring awareness to noteworthy cemeteries in her adopted home.

She works tirelessly to make sure visitors and natives of Dallas County are aware of the history that surrounds them.

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“This is very, very special to me because I am an Alabamian,” Dulaney said. “I have a passion to make the history of Alabama cemeteries where they come here, we can take them to their ancestors. They’re coming. Many are coming back for their reunions, and we need to have the cemeteries so they’ll be looked after.”

The Alabama Historical Registry adds to its list cemeteries that are worth designation and preservation.

Dulaney’s work is directly responsible for the addition of the cemeteries of Pine Grove PCA Church, County Road 189, and New Bethel Baptist Church, County Road 45. Both church cemeteries are located in Marion Junction.

The Dallas County commission recognized Dulaney recently and praised her for the work she has done.

Dulaney is originally from Wilcox county and said she works to attain recognition for church cemeteries there, too.

Probate Judge Kim Ballard is creating an advisory commission whose purpose is to inform the County Commission when cemeteries are eligible for historic recognition.

It’s the first step toward placing sites on the state registry.

After that, experts do the groundwork to make sure a cemetery is worthy of recognition.

“We send three people out with experience in land surveying and knowledge of the area to actually designate it,” Ballard said.

He welcomed Dulaney’s diligence on future projects.

“As you locate another new one, you just let us know,” Ballard said to Dulaney. “Just give us that address, and we’ll take care of it.”