A fresh start with the school system

Published 2:14 am Sunday, July 27, 2008

On Friday, the Selma City School Board selected Austin Obasohan to lead its system.

In his interview, which may be seen at www.selmatimesjournal.com, Obasohan laid out very clearly how he expects to run a school district.

“A vision is not a vision, unless it is shared,” Obasohan told a handful of people during his public interview last week at Striplin Performing Arts Center.

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And saying that, Obasohan said he plans to draw from all quarters of the community, so everyone shares in the vision.

Once that occurs, Obasohan will begin putting the plan into place, determining what roles each segment of the school system and the community will play, ensuring the community within the school district and those in the larger community of Selma understand how the vision works.

At the heart of the matter rests the ultimate goal of the best education for children who attend public schools in Selma.

That means, says Obasohan, keeping everyone informed and no surprises.

Those are lofty goals.

Apparently Obasohan’s philosophy of education works in a smaller arena. In North Carolina, the schools he lead had good record. That’s hard to do under the best of circumstances, especially with an alternative school.

We certainly look forward to this educator beginning his tenure here. Selma City Schools have ridden the transition line far too long.

It’s time to get down to business for the sake of the children.