New entry from ‘A Fisherman’s Journey’

Published 5:02 pm Friday, July 25, 2008

For the next two weeks, myself and the other deckhands are in Seattle working on the boat.

This summer, the Baranof’s scheduled maintenance includes a new paint job, a rebuild for the generator, and all new rails for longline fishing. Shipyard work is most commonly referred to as serving your time, because you are required to give up a part of your summer, to come and work on the boat. However, we only work eight hours a day and we get a pretty decent hourly wage, where as in the old days, deckhands were required to work all summer long for free to keep their jobs.

So, I’d say we’ve got it pretty good.

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Deckboss, Mark Bradshaw and I have been repairing old crab pots. Basically, we strip the pot down to the bare metal, then build it back to like new standards. I’m enjoying the weather, today was a breezy seventy-six degrees, and like making fun of Bradshaw when he complains about the heat. I’ve got to do a few fun things so far since I’ve been in Seattle, including catching the Red Sox- Mariners game the other night.

Since shipyard is not that exciting, I’ve decided to compile a couple lists of useless boat information.

Different names for the same things-

There is no rope on a boat, only line.

There is no bathroom on a boat, there is a head.

There is no bedroom on a boat, you sleep in a stateroom.

There is no bed on a boat, you sleep in a rack.

There is no kitchen on a boat, you cook in a galley.


Never bring a suitcase or any black bag on a boat.

A boat never leaves port for the fishing grounds on Friday.

Don’t whistle on the boat, it causes the wind to pick up.

No bananas of the boat.

No honey bears on the boat.

It is good luck for a bird to poop on you.

Never comment, good or bad, about the fishing or the weather until you’re done.

I’m sure I’ll think of some more later,