Some candidates for Selma council president file contribution reports

Published 7:39 pm Thursday, July 24, 2008

Three of the six candidates for Selma council president have filed financial statements with the Dallas County probate judge.

Reports were filed by Labarron Mack, Gene Hisel and Tremayne Gorden.

Hisel leads the money race by raising $5,000, including $1,085 in itemized cash contributions and a beginning balance of $87.40. The report filed by Hisel on July 9 also shows he has spent $4,833.20 and has $1,339.20 left.

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Mack follows Hisel with claimed itemized cash contributions of $1,200 and non-itemized cash contributions of $410 for a total of $1,610, according to his report filed July 14. The report also shows Mack has spent $1,380.75, leaving him with $229.25.

Gorden hasn’t taken in any contributions, according to his report filed July 14. The report shows O’Gorden has spent $550 in itemized expenditures and $300 in non-itemized expenditures, placing his campaign with a deficit of $850.

Contributions reported by Hisel include:

Helen Lattal, 513 Merrimac Place, Selma, $100

A.D. Lovelady, 113 Speir Place, Selma, $100

Elton Ralston, 655 Lake Lanier Road, Selma, $100

James Wheeler, 30 Berkley Road, Selma, $200

Several contributions of less than $100, $585

Contributions reported by Mack include:

Kathy Moore, 2707 Prospect Lane, Selma, $100

Cynthia Perkins, 1145 First Ave., Selma, $100

Phyllis Leshore, 1714 Vine St., Selma, $100

Danny Crenshaw, 1803 Summerfield Road, Selma, $100

Taylor Internal Medicine of Selma, 4258 U.S. 80 West, $100

Daryl Thomas, 419 Birch Ave., Selma, $300

Eric Benn, 900 Sun Ridge Drive, El Paso, Texas, $200

Jackie Randolph, 1111 Fifth Ave., Selma, $100

Elgin Howard, 2715 Ala. 14 East, $100