Gym should bear names of Sewell, Maxey and Booth

Published 1:00 pm Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dear editor,

In 2002, I presented a petition to the Selma City School Board with more than 200 signatures requesting that the Selma High gymnasium be named the Booth-Sewell-Maxey gymnasium.

I recently learned the gymnasium would be named the Sewell-Maxey gymnasium and the Booth name would be left off. The late coach James Booth opened doors for African-American coaches at Selma High School. Yes, coach Booth was white, but he was right and fair.

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It just wouldn’t be fair to leave coach Booth’s name off. Booth did more for black kids in the 70s that’s being done for black kids now. I grew up listening to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. not on the television or radio but on my front porch (322-B G.W.C. Homes), and I learned from one of Dr. King’s sermons three small words: “Right is right.”

Bruce L. Holmes Sr.