Selma Country Club to host Member-Guest Tournament

Published 8:24 pm Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Selma County Club Member-Guest Tournament begins Saturday and ends Sunday.

The two-day, 54-hole tournament is open to all Selma Country Club members, 18-and-over, and their invited guests.

The tournament has 54 teams and will follow a two-man scramble with 20 percent of the total handicap format.

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The first 36 holes will be played on Saturday, with the remaining 18 played on Sunday. Sunday play shifts to a two-man best ball with 4-handicap format.

In handicapped competition, the golfer who shoots the best with respect to his abilities and the normal variations of the score should win.

“It’s probably one of our most popular events,” said Selma Country Club golf pro Tommy Burns. “It’s very low participation though.”

The club’s Member-Guest tournament strays away from competition and is played mostly for pride.

“It’s just a fun tournament,” said Burns. “It’s not very competitive. It’s more or less a social event.”

Charles “Byrd” Looper, former Selma Country Club president, views the tournament differently.

“It’s a great social event with live music and cocktail parties,” said Looper. “But once you tee off, you’re trying very hard.”

Looper is a familiar face in the Member-Guest Tournament, but will be absent from the year’s field.

“I just became increasingly frustrated with my game and decided that I’d be better off spending my time doing other things,” said Looper.

The club’s regular golfers must be wary, as Burns may have a few tricks up his sleeve to spice up the course.

“Sometimes Tommy will gimmick up the course,” said Looper. “They may gimmick some holes to be several times larger than normal or some holes may allow players caught in sand traps to pick up their balls and throw them.”