Community prays for J.L. Chestnut

Published 9:36 pm Monday, July 7, 2008

Community prays for J.L. Chestnut’s recovery

By Deborah Goodwin

The Selma Times-Journal

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The community is in prayer for attorney J.L. Chestnut Jr.

Chestnut is recovering in the intensive care unit at UAB Hospital. The source of his illness was not released by the hospital at the request of family members.

However, family members say he’s in good spirits and feeling better.

He had gotten a little weak,” said Terry Chestnut. “He had a scheduled appointment to come up here anyway to see his doctor.”

On Monday, Terry Chestnut said his father was eating, talking and joking around with the hospital staff.

“I always tell people, as long as that mouth is working, J.L. is just fine,” said Terry Chestnut.

Community leaders, colleagues and friends of the attorney send their best wishes to the family.

Faya Rose Touré, a law partner at Chestnut Sanders, Sanders and Pettaway LLC, said J.L. Chestnut Jr. spoke with a strong voice on Friday during the airing of “Public Conversation,” which he hosts on 105.3 FM.

On Monday, Touré said she was very concerned about her colleague who was one of the founders the law firm established in 1971.

Chestnut is known for his strong opinion in and out of the courtroom. Over the years, he has argued many cases involving racial and civil rights injustices.

Mayor James Perkins Jr., who has known J.L. Chestnut Jr. for more than 40 years, said the attorney has earned his respect.

“He has a very unique view of the world and he has unique way of expressing his view of the world,” said Mayor James Perkins Jr. “And because of that, his voice is powerful.”

Probate Judge Kim Ballard also used the word respect when referring to Chestnut. Though the two don’t always agree, said he respects Chestnut’s right to say what he thinks. Ballard called Chestnut “the true epitome of leadership.”

“Anybody that knows him, knows that he’s consistent and knows that he’s certainly an advantage to the community,” said Ballard. “He’s an institution here. I hope the best for him.”