Several arrested over weekend

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Selma Times-Journal

The Fourth of July brought fireworks, fun and an even busier Friday night for the Selma Police Department.

The long night began at 5:40 p.m. with a reported disorderly conduct at 2600 Highland Ave.

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Officer James Bevel arrested Tammy Hill, 18; Kandice Blevins, 18; Chasety Smith, 20; Vana Washington, 20; and Jendale Blevins, 27.

They were charged with disorderly conduct and placed in the Dallas County Jail.

All made bail and were released.

Disorderly conduct is making unreasonable noise, fighting, excess obscene language or gestures, refusing to disperse, blocking traffic, or disturbing any lawful gathering. It is a Class C misdemeanor in Alabama.

Bevel alleged that all the women were sober except for Jendale.

Police officers Bevel and R. Johnson responded to a reported domestic violence at 1312 Church Street 8 p.m. Friday night.

The officers arrested

Brenda Albritton, 46; Samantha Albritton, 30; and Charlie Thigpen, 33; and charged them with domestic violence harassment.

Alabama state law defines domestic violence harassment as an abuser alarming the victim with physical harm and using obscene language or gestures with intent to carry out the threats.

Police booked Brenda, of Furman; Samantha, of Selma; and Thigpen, of Fort Deposit, into the county jail under $500 bonds.

They made bond and were released.

Across town, Officer R. Terry arrested John Blevins, 29, of Orrville at Traveler&8217;s Inn, Selma.

Blevins was charged with public intoxication. Officers placed him in the County Jail under a $500 bond. He made bond and was released.

Police received a call about a reported disturbance on Green Street at 2:30 Saturday morning.

Officers arrested and charged Edrend Harville, 38; Vickie Hibbler, 28; and Shaquaris Harville, 19 with disorderly conduct.

Police also arrested and charged Demetrius Myers, 27, with domestic violence harassment.

All were placed in the county jail under $500 bonds.

Hibbler, Shaquaris, and Myers made bond and were released.

At press time, Edrend had not made bail.