Americans should be proud of our country and heritage

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dear Editor,

As I read all the coverage on July 4 and the celebrations being planned, the thought occurred to me of what peaceniks and pacifists do on the Fourth? Do they mope around with long faces and wring their hands over the war that brought about our independence? Do they sit around and vilify the founding fathers for bringing this terrible war on the colonies? Do they go up to Canada in May to help them celebrate Queen Victoria Day in protest of America being a free and sovereign nation?

It is strange to me how some in the news media and some of our fellow citizens view America. This nation was born of a revolution. We revolted against the tyranny of English rule. We will continue to stand up for the human dignity and rights of all people. Why is this so difficult for some to understand?

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A national columnist, void of name recognition, in the Times-Journal Monday accused us of having a culture of war. It is difficult to imagine someone so naive, but yet they are out there. The peace at any cost crowd seem to imply we, the United States, are responsible for all the strife and conflict in the world. If we would just lay down our arms the world would suddenly go peaceful. This is the same crowd that would advocate disarming the general public to reduce crime. You need only look at Washington, D.C. to see the fallacy in that approach.

I&8217;m certainly not an advocate of war, but what I am is a realist. Unfortunately, war sometimes is a necessary evil. Just ask any Holocaust survivor if war was necessary in World War II. Being passive and unarmed didn&8217;t prevent them from being slaughtered.

No one needs reminding, the jihad was brought to our shores.

The argument that we are to blame for all the despots in the world just doesn&8217;t pass muster. We live in the most generous nation on the face of the earth. Our commitment to peace and freedom around the world should be applauded.

The Fourth of July is the appropriate day for the applause, patriotic celebrations and showing national pride. So, go out and wave American flags, ring cow bells, watch fireworks displays and have soccer matches. Be proud of your heritage and your country.

James G. Smith