Two arrested in prostitution sting

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Selma Times-Journal

One of two Selma individuals picked up and charged with soliciting prostitution in Montgomery has claimed his arrest is unjust.

“This is an example of how the powers that be affect things that go on in politics,” said Louis Dixon, 57, of Selma.

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On Wednesday, Montgomery police officers arrested Dixon and Felicia Owens, 33, and charged them with solicitation of a prostitute.

Montgomery police Capt. Huey Thornton said Owens and Dixon approached an undercover officer posing as a prostitute and asked the person to accompany them to Selma and have sex. The couple were two of many arrested in the police department’s sting after residents and business owners around Mobile Highway and West Boulevard complained about prostitutes working in the area.

Dixon and Owens own the realty company N-Vest-4-U-1, and the mortgage company, N-Vest-4-U-2, at 100 Washington St. in Selma.

Owens ran for the Ward 3 seat of the Selma City Council in 2004. She manages a Web site, politicaljustice

Owens declined to talk about the charges. She said she would comment on them by posting on her Web site. She had not posted anything on the Web site by early Thursday evening.

The arrests and accusations of soliciting are the more recent legal troubles the couple faces. A Dallas County grand jury issued a bill of

indictment for Owens and Dixon on charges of burglary, third degree, in September 2007.

Police reports show officers responded to a call from Lynn Whigham of Selma on Aug. 22, 2007.

Whigham told police her house was in foreclosure. She lived at the residence, 208 Faulk Ave., but was in the process of moving.

The police report said a neighbor called Whigham, who was away from the house, saying someone was in the residence. She claimed she went to the house and found Owens and Dixon there. Whigham also claimed the couple had removed an expensive mirror from the wall and damaged it, the police report states.

After police arrived on the scene, Dixon told them his company had the house because it was in foreclosure. Whigham countered with she had not been given a date to leave the house, the report shows.

Police records show on Aug. 24, Whigham showed authorities a letter dated Aug. 20, 2007, that gave her 10 days before she had to vacate her residence. Det. Sandra Washburn signed a statement she contacted the original mortgage company, BB&T, which said the house was turned over to Freddie Mac, which turned it over to N-Vest-4-U.

Police records show further the Board of Realtors stated the proper procedure would be for N-Vest-4-U to make sure the house was vacant and change the locks. The case is pending in Dallas County Circuit Court.