Nothing is guaranteed

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 23, 2008

We were all reminded Sunday that tragedy creeps up at the worst times.

If anyone should not have been the victim of an accidental drowning, it was Shana Cole.

Cole loved being on the water, something obviously passed down in her family. People called her father the &8220;King of Little Miami,&8221; a reference to the popular spot on the Alabama River.

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As a water skier, avid swimmer, swimming instructor and former tugboat captain, it was certain Cole knew how to take care of herself while in the water.

Exactly how and why she drowned remains to be determined, but it was as much a surprise as it was a tragedy.

She is sure to be missed by friends and family that loved her.

As a teacher, her final lesson was that the unexpected can come for even the most prepared.