News will be missed in Selma

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 22, 2008

The poor, those frail in spirit or despondent don&8217;t constitute the kinds of people most others want to associate with a majority of the time.

Those called to minister to others certainly have more than their share of dealing with heart-wrenching stories. The ministers sometimes must jump obstacles of a red tape society, just to help these people get some modicum of relieve.

If dealing with voice recorders just to get a bill straightened out seems frustrating once in a while, try doing that for a living.

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That&8217;s the work of many ministers around town. But especially, it&8217;s the work of The Salvation Army.

The Army helps rebuild lives by providing disaster relief, working in prisons, offering drug and alcohol rehabilitation and fighting sexual exploitation of men and women.

The Army helps bring together people through various youth camps and the Ray and Joan Kroc Community Centers.

The Army provides low-cost goods at its stores and presents for so many angels through its Christmas program.

Here in Selma, we&8217;ve been blessed to have had Don New and his wife, Kelley, watching over us for the last few years.

After church today, they&8217;ll drive off toward the east with their child and make a new home for awhile in Greenville, Miss.

Lately, times have proven hard for charities, such as The Salvation Army. As the economy has slowed down and prices risen, less money and fewer goods have come from donors.

Only recently, the Salavation Army Thrift Store in Selma had to close and restructure because of hard times.

Yet, the leadership didn&8217;t falter. The hard work of reaching out to those in need continued.

In their few years here, the News have given their energy, love and care to people in this community.

We are all richer for their devotion to their mission and to God.

Many of us could follow their examples of putting others before ourselves.

Selma will receive another leader for The Salvation Army community services here.

As we pause to say goodbye to the News and welcome the new leadership, let&8217;s renew our resolve to help The Salvation Army help others.

Money, goods or time &8212; The Salvation Army accepts many gifts. All the gifts remain local, meaning when you give to the Army in your town, the people in your area benefit directly from that gift.

And while you&8217;re thinking about it, say a prayer for the News as they enter a new phase of their work within a new community.