Reader argues the Reid Cain prosecution as malicious attempt by police officer, mayor

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dear editor,

The malicious prosecution of Councilman Reid Cain on a phony assault charge by Officer Evelyn Ghant and Mayor James Perkins Jr. demonstrates how mean-spirited some officials are.

One would think that after Councilman Cain announced he would not seek re-election that the mayor and Ghant, having achieved their goal, would show some Christian charity and drop this frivolous charge.

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Unfortunately, magnanimity does not seem to be in the vocabulary of the mayor and Ghant. While persecuting a brother in Christ, will they still be self-righteously proclaiming “to God be the glory?”

Perhaps God is growing weary of people saying, “to God be the glory,” while their actions bring disrepute on him who told his children to love and forgive one another.

Perhaps that is why God’s judgment is on Selma in the forms of disunity, division, economic despair, out-of-control crime and excessive violence.

Petty political persecutions perpetrated by a city’s highest elected official will never bring unity among people or blessings from God on a troubled and divided city.


Cecil Williamson


Cresent Hill Presbyterian Church