Former student will miss her instructor and schools lost a friend in Marshall Knudsen

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dear editor,

On Tuesday, June 18, Marion, Ala., and the Morgan Academy family lost a great friend and beloved instructor.

Mr. Marshall Knudsen was adored and respected by his students, and as I reflect back on my 12 years at Morgan Academy, there is not another teacher who wise words, unique mannerisms, wit and style of teaching stand out more in my memory than his.

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In 10th grade English, we not only learned the importance of correct grammar and how to improve our writing skills, but Mr. Knudsen went to great lengths to teach us proper telephone etiquette, letter writing techniques and manners in hopes of shaping us into refined ladies and gentlemen.

Many of us also had the pleasure of studying French under Mr. Knudsen; my classmates and I would look forward to his class all morning long because we never knew what the morning’s lesson plans might entail.

I can vividly remember my French class gathering around the piano in the Morgan gym as he taught and directed us in singing the French National Anthem with his booming voice as I accompanied on the piano.

In the six years since my high school graduation, Mr. Knudsen’s name has come up more times than I can count as former classmates and I reminisce about our years at Morgan.

The practical life lessons that he instilled in us were priceless and have been more valuable to me in my life post-high school than anything else I was taught in a classroom.

Marshall Knudsen was a real treasure, a true Southern gentleman and a privilege to know.

As he used to say when we left his classroom, “Au plaisir!”

(Here’s to the pleasure of seeing you again, Mr. Knudsen).

Katherine K. Green

John T. Morgan Academy

Class of 2002