Going after a national title for Selma

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Barrett Welch

Selma Times-Journal

The humble gym is unimpressive, but houses a team that aspires to bring a national championship to Selma.

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The Selma chapter of the Police Athletic League will participate in the 2008 PAL National Basketball Championship in Kansas City, Missouri. The 62-team tournament will begin on June 23 and conclude five days later.

The PAL joins police and at-risk youth in an environment designed to deter criminal activity and encourage positive actions and thinking.

“It’s all about the kids,” said Wallace Community College men’s basketball coach, Ronald Lane.”

The program has made progress in Selma, and given several kids an avenue to keep them busy.

“I was in a lot of trouble before I joined PAL,” said Tahasha Yeneely. “It has kept me out of trouble.”

Selma is not new to the tournament.

“We’ve played in this tournament three years straight ,and this year we’re going there to bring back the trophy,.” said Tahasha Yeneely. ”

Coach Ben Kenny been a PAL basketball coach for five years. His teams have had success, but have known more heartbreak.

“We’ve always come in second or third,” said Kenny. “Five years I’ve been here, and still haven’t finished in first. This year, I want to come in first.”