Citizens looking to Riley for strong leadership at SPD

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to the article &8220;Citizens spark marijuana arrest.&8221; I pray that Chief Riley has truly made a change in the way our police department responds to citizens needs.

Last year, a known drug dealer was living in the house across the street from us, in our nice, quiet, peaceful neighborhood. My husband and I watched drug deals go on day and night. We took down tag numbers and descriptions of vehicles and suspects, turned our information in to the police department, the detective division and then the sheriff&8217;s department. We did all of the investigative work. We had names.

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The detective division said, &8220;Thanks, we&8217;ll handle it.&8221; The police department wouldn&8217;t respond to our calls. Finally, the landlord chose not to renew their lease and they moved, but they didn&8217;t move far away. They are still in a neighborhood close by. Yes, the drug dealers and users are very brazen today, and I praise the citizens who chose to stand up. Many are afraid to.

Thank you, Chief Riley, for listening and responding to these citizens. Perhaps if you had been in office when we had our problems, we could have gotten the attention we as tax paying, home owning citizens deserve.

As it was, my husband and I and our neighbors felt very helpless and alone in a frightening situation. Sadly, you can even go to the corner convenience store and see drug deals being made in plain view. Our children can&8217;t play outside in their own neighborhoods anymore. It is my hope, Chief Riley, that the drug unit and the entire police department have made the changes so desperately needed to clean up our city and make it safe.

Susan Jones

McCall will be strong leader for Selma High School

Dear Editor,

In response to the editorial regarding the future of Selma High School, I am a teacher at Clark Elementary where Mrs. Wanda McCall has been principal for the last seven years. Just stand back and watch!

Under her dynamic leadership, Clark as made adequate yearly progress (AYP) for the last three years, made significant gains on the Stanford Achievement Test, the Alabama Reading and Math Test, DIBEL&8217;s and the Alabama Direct Assessment of Writing.

Mrs. McCall has made certain that parents were held accountable for their children&8217;s attendance and behavior in school. Parents have confidence in knowing that their children will attend school in an environment that is safe and conducive for learning.

Teachers come to work knowing that there will be no disruptions and that teaching and learning will be the No. 1 priority for the day.

Mrs. McCall&8217;s motto for our school is &8220;Failure is not an option.&8221;

There is no doubt that her philosophy and dedication to students in Selma will continue at Selma High School.

I urge the faculty, parents and students to unite around her. With her as the principal, Selma High has a bright new future! Mrs. McCall will be greatly missed at our school.

Cheryl Kish

First-grade teacher

Clark Elementary School

Legislators owe apology to taxpayers regarding actions

Dear Editor,

The Alabama Legislature has provided taxpayers a classic example of double dipping.

During its regular session it was paid to pass two budgets. It did not pass the education budget as is mandated by the Alabama Constitution.

During the special session, it will again be paid to pass this budget. In addition to double dipping, this is a frivolous use of taxpayers&8217; money.

The cadre of senators responsible for creating this situation owe taxpayers a cogent explanation of the motivation for their behavior.


Edward M. Kantor