Work together for everyone

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The county election has ended.

Somebody won and somebody lost. Now it’s time to work together to improve Dallas County.

Harboring hard feelings or refusing to cooperate have no place in moving an area forward.

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There’s already enough against us here in the Black Belt with systemic issues, such as poverty and a poor educational base.

Nobody had anything their way.

Regardless of what some individuals say, the election didn’t fall along racial lines.

People crossed that divide and voted for the person they believed would best represent and serve them.

In four or six years, depending on the office, if that individual fails to meet expectations, then the same voters will replace those officeholders.

That is how local politics should work.

Indeed, that is how all politics should work.

We expect the newly elected to join together and give the residents of Dallas County their very best effort.

We expect them to work in harmony without backbiting or engaging in the kinds of shenanigans that delay progress and draw unwanted negative attention to them.

Because when our officials cannot work together; when they fight and struggle, we do not move forward.

We do not have time to become stagnate.

We must all work together.