Be safe, prepare

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hurricane season has taken lives already.

Not here in Dallas County or even in Alabama or in the United States.

But what should it matter?

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Facts are, these are dangerous storms.

We should have learned our lessons by now.

We should have storm survival kits prepared already.

We don’t live on the Floribama coast. We won’t experience the storm surge or the initial hit.

But don’t forget Ivan in 2004, when winds of up to 120 mph raked over this portion of the state, leaving many without power for days.

Don’t forget Katrina, who did not destroy the number of homes and businesses she did in Louisiana and Mississippi.

But the tornadoes have come from these storms. The floods have come from these storms.

Preparation for any disaster takes only a little while. Grab one of those bins sold at the local hardware or dollar stores and begin.

Don’t forget to make copies of important papers; store some water – a gallon per person in your household.

You might want to invest in a generator, just in case the bad becomes worse.

The key here is to prepare.

It doesn’t take long and might just save your life.