Dont fix whats not broken

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 1, 2008

For years, two women have led the offices of tax assessor and tax collector.

They have worked together to serve the people of Dallas County.

They have assembled staffs that are polite and efficient in public service.

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Frances Hughes is the Dallas County tax assessor. Her job is to ensure that property is properly appraised for the taxes levied by the Dallas County Board of Commissioners.

In carrying out her duties, Hughes must be aware of a plethora of rules and regulations established by the state. Additionally, she must work well with the public.

When the assessments are complete and the levies made public, the bills go out, and that&8217;s when Tammy Jones King&8217;s busy time of year comes.

King not only collects taxes on houses and land, but for car tags and businesses. Her office also runs efficiently and with great care for the citizens of Dallas County.

There is an old saying: If it&8217;s not broken, don&8217;t fix it.

Hughes and King deserve another term in office. The Selma Times-Journal recommends them to voters and endorses them in Tuesday&8217;s election.